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Hear Me Out… Sasha killed Marco.


So lately there have been many theories as to how Marco died, and let me tell you… They are all wrong. I have solid evidence to prove the point. First, look at this picture of Sasha’s potato:



Look familiar?

That’s damn right, Marco’s dead fucking body. The potato is split in almost EXACTLY the same proportion as Marco’s corpse. This is obvious foreshadowing to the death of Marco. This is the EARLIEST foreshadowing of MARCO’S DEATH. This was a threat to Marco, who as you remember, looked on in horror as this scene unfolded. Sasha may look all smiles, but it’s an act, potato girl is just a facade to conceal the angry killer (titan shifter) that lies within her soul.

Next, let’s look at the trainees. How many of them have dark hair? How many are not dead/not titan shifters? Sasha and Mikasa. (Mikasa is bara bitch so ignore her.) Sasha is targeting all the trainees with dark hair just like hers, who are not titan shifters. Because dark hair is a symbol of her village for the ability to shift into titans. If a villager is born with dark hair by chance and doesn’t have the ability, they are forced to shave their head. Which is why Sasha and Connie are such good friends. Same village. She is so angered by the fact that some lowly no shifting trainees dare to desecrate on such a sacred tradition that she plans to kill all who do not comply with it.

Marco has dark hair. Marco is dead. Coincidence? I think not.

And need we talk about Samuel? Yeah. We do. Did Sasha really have to shoot him in the leg/foot in order to “save” his life? No. She could run fast enough to catch him, she just needed an excuse to open a wound in a situation where he would be allowed to bleed out and die from blood loss. This is symbolic to bleeding the dark-haired trainee of his non-shifter blood. A common ritual in her village to all who do not comply with shaving their heads.

(Does this mean Mikasa is next? Or is she a titan shifter too?)


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I did it. I finally did it.

Sorry for the lack of me posting headcanons

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Hanji actually loved levi all along, but when petra died she couldn’t continue her feelings for levi, feeling as if she betrayed her comrade.

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Eren’s father is a bad guy; perhaps the leader of the titans.

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Can I use the pics here to upload on a fanpage with credits from this tumblr account of course.

You mean the headcanons? You may, as long as you include the sources. plural. Link back to the post, and the source for the artwork. each source is provided below the headcanon.

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headcanon: this fandom is fucking evil

you know it

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Misaka is jealous of the fact that Eren prefers training with Annie, and actually sees her as a rival for his love.

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Hannah survived the Battle of Trost, because Franz protected her, just as he promised

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